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Apr 9
Type: Offered; Company: bookhungama; Country: India; City: Pune;   map  
  Perks Of Publishing your Book As An Ebook Ebooks are in and there is nothing that can deny this fact. One may argue that the old school feel of the paper back or hardcover versions can never be replaced. Well, it is true but the amount of convenience provided by eBooks while travelling or working or simple storing surpasses everything. Ebooks are easily available and can be carried anywhere and everywhere. Here are some striking advantages of having your story or book published as an ebook
Apr 5
Type: Offered; Price: $5,000.00; Company: Sanyogvyaslowclasses; Country: India; City: Delhi;   map  
  Sanyog Vyas Law classes is popular for providing best in class CS Executive video lectures, CA final law classes, CS Executive classes at best affordable rates. We are offering services with the main intention of developing industry ready professional in law. We are also providing best CA video lectures and CMA video lectures at budget friendly rates. For more updates, you can visit us or call us anytime.
Apr 4
Type: Offered; Company: Bookhungama; Country: India; City: Pune;   map  
  EBook You Would Love To Read Being a reader is always fun. The people who are bibliophiles always have something to talk on or an insight of the new story that they have been reading or plain entertainment at their side. Reading also helps a great deal in increasing your knowledge and vocabulary. Click here to download - Website :-
Mar 27
Type: تقدم; Company: مجلة اعرف ;   map  
  مجلة اعرف .. تضم عدد كبير من مختلف المواضيع التقنية والمعلوماتية بالإضافة للمقالات الطبية والاخبارية لتكوين وعى عربي كامل من خلال تبنيها مشروع المليون معلومة.. اخر الاخبار وثقافة وفن تعلم بلوجر تعلم كمبيوتر، موبيل ، اهم اخبار التقنية ، اخبار الرياضة في مصر والعالم، كل ما تهتم به المراة او الفتاة
Mar 22
Type: Offered; Price: $5,000.00; Company: Vedic Cosmos;   map  
  The Bhagavad Gita book from Vediccosmos is enriched with truly stunning art-work inspired by award-winning paintings of Vijayanagara, Ajanta, Mysore and Bengal. Wish to gift them to a special person? We'll help you print a customized message on the outer-case of the book. Buy now!
Feb 21
Type: Wanted; Company: ElbeXpress; Country: Canada;   map  
  The Today's Technology News- Mobiles, apps, Laptops, Tablets, Social Media, Camera, Shop, Cricket, and More.
Feb 20
Type: Offered; Price: $90.00; Company: VASAN PUBLICATIONS;    
  Get genuine books of Erle Stanley Gardner from Master Mind Books online with discounted prices. Quick delivery and easy order process will make your life easier.
Feb 20
Type: Offered; Price: $90.00; Company: VASAN PUBLICATIONS;    
  Buy Books Online directly from book publisher and get huge discount on it. More than 1600 titles are in print, both in English and Kannada languages.
Feb 7
Type: Offered; Country: Algeria; City: Reggane;    
  Originally from the vintage bookstore, Jane Stubbs in Bergdorf Goodman, signed by one of the authors and has a protective cover. It is the perfect holiday gift for someone who loves to cook.
Feb 1
Type: Offered; Price: $69.00; Company: bamboosky studio;   map  
  Toon Book Is A Book Designed And Developed By Bamboosky Studios Pvt Ltd. Toon Book Is Specially Created For The Childrens To Teach Them Alphabets In Animal Series So That They Can Learn Animals As Well As Alphabets At The Same Time In An Attractive And Informative Manner. This Book Cost Single Piece Rs 69 And The Minimum Order Piece Is 1000Nos Contact Mr.Ashok Kumar.G Cell No:+918939866622 BambooSky Studio Is A Youtube Channel Where Nursery Rhymes Are Thought For Kids In Animational Way.If You Like Please Do Subscribe BambooSky Studio And Also Share With The Little Kids In Your Homes.Thank You For Your Kind Support. Top 10 Nursery Rhymes Collection with Lyrics | Bamboo Sky Studio
Jan 25
Type: Offered; Price: $10.00; Company: bookpunehungama; Country: India; City: Pune;    
  E-Books you can’t miss! E-books are something that we all enjoy reading. In the form of ebooks you can carry multiple books and read them anywhere and everywhere you want. This most convenient form of reading gives us a very pleasurable experience. Ebooks belonging to any language such as Marathi Ebooks, Engligh Ebooks or Hindi Ebooks are always fun to read & Best Ebook Reader App
Jan 24
Type: Offered; Company: xyzzz; Country: Christmas Island;   map  
  Add ribbon stripes to an ornament for holiday flair. Remove the ornament cap and cut strips of ribbon. Hot-glue the strips, beginning at the base, to the ornament. Tuck the ends of the ribbons into the top opening and glue into place. Replace the ornament cap and tie a bow around the hanging loop.
Jan 15
Type: Offered; Company: Alcione Association; Country: United States; City: San Francisco;    
  The Alcione Association is offering free copies of the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’, an important work about Earth changes, astral projection, life on other planets and spiritual development of the human being. You can request your free copy at
Dec 21
Type: Offered; Company: FIVERR; Country: Colombia;   map  
  I am Lisa, a competent and seasoned copywriter with over five years experience. As an experienced writer, I have noticed that lack of unique content on blogs and website can have an adverse effects on the prospects of a brand. Your website needs fresh content as it is an important tool that engages your audience and makes them create interest in your business. I can help you write or rewrite articles, blog posts and web content on your site. Unique content can help your webs
Dec 13
Type: Offered; Price: $20,000.00; Company: Skylight Classes; Country: India; City: Gua;   map  
  Skylight Classes offer ssc je civil coaching, SSC je mechanical Coaching, ssc je Electrical Coaching, SSC JE Electronic coaching institute, delhi
Dec 1
Type: Offered; Company: iandkrsna; Country: India;    
  For even though the best sinner worships ME with all his soul, he should be thought of righteous, due to his righteous can. And he shall presently become pure and reach everlasting peace. For this can be my word of promise, that he who loves me shall not perish. -Krishna. Checkout the website-
Nov 13
Type: Offered; Company: bookpunehungama; Country: India;   map  
  A Must-Read E-book Series - (part – 1) We all love reading about detective stories, don’t we? The thrill, the suspense, the gradually-intensifying storyline and one hero who does it all, all of this just glues us to it. Be it a burglar tale or murder mystery – detective stories always manager to keep us gripped! One such amazing e-book series all our Marathi readers are in love
Nov 4
Type: Wanted; Company: Annually Maintenance Services ; Country: India; City: Nangloi Jat;   map  
  User account management for the domain controllers Install updates, patches, hot-fix, service packs, new editions, versions, access rights Performance tuning and configurations. Monitor user authentications, network traffic load through log reports, Remote administration of client OS and server OS, remote-updates, 24/7 maintenance support, Performance management and reporting. Posted id:- octb734
Nov 1
Company: Bellaire Skin;    
  Bellaire Skin :-So what does Bellaire Skin Cream do? The organization, while tight-lipped about their equation, has imparted to us a couple of critical points of interest; it's utilizing a propelled peptide mix, and full-chain collagen. While that won't not sound pivotal at the surface, when those two are joined in the best possible sums, and in a steady equation, you can get genuine, recognizable outcomes. We'll cover how they're functioning later in the article, yet in the event that you're o
Oct 10
Type: Offered; Company: bookhungama; Country: India; City: Pune;   map  
  1. Choosing a topic that you very little about This is the most harmful mistake a writer can make. Sometimes in the frenzy of choosing a hot topic you choose something that you have no idea about and that can be purely disastrous. If you pick up a topic you know nothing about, creating and writing an eBook will require a lot of undue efforts. So best way is to choose a topic you know something about or are deeply interested in, Buy Rent Ebooks Online India.
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