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Nov 18
Type: Offered;    
  Website: https://wholesalesocksbulk.com/bulk/stock-products/gloves/cut-resistant-gloves/ Tel: +86 13735323363 E-mail: info@yhaosocks.com
Nov 17
Type: Offered; Price: $99.00; Company: Orchid Republic; Country: United States; City: Los Angeles;    
  A stunning mixed flower arrangement that dazzles with you with its colors and charm. It boasts of exquisite pink cymbidium orchids, plum and two-toned (orange and yellow) tulips, lavender sweet pea blooms, white ranunculus, white lilacs, and white clouds of hydrangeas. Featuring a gorgeous garden-style design, it is presented in an elegant glass vase lined with ti leaves. Visit our online shop, orchidrepublic.com, for other floral arrangements as well as orchid plants, succulents and in
Nov 17
Type: Wanted;    
  To Marketnews.gr είναι μια πολυφωνική πύλη για την Οικονομία, την Πολιτική και τις Αγορές. Ο επισκέπτης μπορεί με "μια ματιά" να ενημερωθεί για τις σημαντικότερες ειδήσεις της ημέρας από τις εγγυρότερες πηγές και να διαβάσει τις "Απόψεις" των έγκριτων αρθρογράφων του
Nov 16
Type: Offered; Country: United States; City: Chicago;    
  Jianxin pp corrugated box manufacturer provides fully customized coroplast boxes manufacturing service for clients around the world. You can fully customize the shape, size, thickness, and color. Contact us if you would like any further information. https://corrugatedplasticsheet.net/suppliers/coroplast-boxes/ Phone: +86-0769-86308368 Email: jianxin@jx-plastic.com
Nov 16
Type: Offered; Price: $500.00; Company: Datoor Rice; Country: India; City: Yamunanagar;   map  
  Presently, how does Top basmati rice manufacturers in India makes a difference? It helps in making positive accommodating substance of a brand to highlight in top hunt pages. It helps brands to contact media and influencers. It enhances pages of a brand to rank for catchphrases and carefully address the negative criticism.
Nov 16
Type: Offered; Price: $500.00; Company: Dastoor Rice; Country: India; City: Yamunanagar;   map  
  The neighboring country of India also makes extraordinary quality Rice Manufacturing Companies in India. Definitely, there are loads of brands of basmati rice that one can peruse when in India. Disregarding the way that they convey the equivalent basmati rice, the distinctions in maturing of the grains can in like manner influence the pith of the since a long time prior grained, fragrant rice combination.
Nov 16
Type: Offered; Price: $500.00; Company: Dastoor Rice;   map  
  Best Premium Basmati Rice is one the most exhausted sustenances on Earth, a staple in various countries around the world including India where half of its masses depends upon the grain for sustenance. While various people think about India's basmati rice, there are extremely 6,000 interesting combinations of rice created in the country. As its name suggests in north Indian lingos, it connotes 'aroma filled'.
Nov 16
Type: Offered; Price: $500.00; Company: Dastoor Rice; Country: India; City: Yamunanagar;   map  
  List of basmati rice manufacturers is utilized in the planning of various kinds of cooking styles. We are considered as a real part of the best organizations, which are occupied with assembling, providing and sending out Pusa White Basmati Rice from Haryana. We are an all around perceived Basmati List of basmati rice manufacturers and Suppliers situated in India. We give delectable and refined Basmati Parboiled Rice in different bundles. Our quality Long Grain Parboiled Basmati Rice is free from
Nov 16
Type: Offered; Price: $500.00; Company: Dastoor Rice; Country: India; City: Yamunanagar;   map  
  Dastoor rice is one of the leading Basmati Rice manufacture in India and exporters. Our long stretches of involvement with an introduction for quality and ongoing examination have helped us make huge corporate nearness are in the Domestic and additionally Export Markets.
Nov 16
Type: Offered; Price: $500.00; Company: Dastoor Rice; Country: India; City: Yamunanagar;   map  
  List of basmati rice manufacturers make accessible distinctive assortments of Basmati Rice like Pusa Sella Basmati Rice and Pusa White Basmati Rice. The Basmati Rice that we offer is prepared under clean conditions. To hold the quality and longer time span of usability of our Basmati Rice, we pack it in dampness proof bundling material.
Nov 16
Type: Offered; Price: $500.00; Company: Dastoor Rice; Country: India; City: Delhi;   map  
  We, best case scenario quality basmati rice in India have been delivering this priceless experience. Our enthusiasm for quality combined with innovation alongside our specialized aptitude makes a biological system that conveys the best of the best sustenance deliver for an assortment of end-clients. Best quality basmati rice in India are glad to state that we are presently the leading exporter to nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Dubai, with a worldwide footprint that is expanding quickly.
Nov 13
Price: $10,000.00; Company: bafflescoolingsystems; Country: India; City: Coimbatore;   map  
  Baffles Cooling Systems is the leading manufacturer of cost effective cooling towers in India. We are designing a world class cooling towers, heat exchangers and industrial silencers.
Nov 12
Type: Wanted; Company: MARI;    
  beneed provide home-based Beauty Services at Home for your party makeup and other occasions. So visit our website and appoint us now. Get more information please visit us: https: www.beneed.in
Nov 10
Type: Offered; Company: Aquatech Tanks; Country: India; City: Cochin;   map  
  Aquatech Tanks, we manufacture and supply best quality roto molded plastic sewage water storage tanks in India. Our sewage water tanks come with “3 Chamber Baffe Design” system which ensures a high degree of settlement and sedimentation. Aquatech tanks offer leak-proof and environmentally friendly sewage water storage tanks at best price. We have dealers and distributors in Kochi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Bangalore and all across India.
Nov 9
Type: Offered; Country: United States; City: Kettering;    
  November & December Promotion Get Coupons $20 coupons in Kensington MD USA Free Consultation (240) 755-6679 10632 Connecticut Ave Kensington MD 20895 http://chichairbraiding.com/
Nov 5
Type: Offered; Price: $500.00; Company: Nordusk; Country: India; City: Calcutta;   map  
  Nordusk LED Lights are a smart way to reduce energy usage while delivering bright and uniform light output. It is an ideal and efficient lighting solution for all roadways, lanes and public places. Ensures higher safety for motorists and pedestrians by enhancing visibility after dark. The entire range is durable and aesthetically designed.
Nov 5
Company: S&A; Country: China;   map  
  Featuring the cooling capacity of 3000W and the temperature stability of±0.5℃, S&A water chiller CWFL-800 is loaded with environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410a, which helps better protect the environment. CONTACT S&A SKYPE: teyuchiller ; Email:marketing@teyu.com.cn; Website: https://www.teyuchiller.com
Nov 5
Type: Offered; Company: S&A; Country: China;   map  
  S&A chiller CWFL-500 features the cooling capacity of 1800W and the temperature control accuracy of±0.3℃. With the dual temperature control system (low temperature control system & high temperature control system), S&A water chiller machine CWFL-500 is able to cool the fiber laser device and the optics at the same time, greatly saving time and cost for the users. It is equipped with digital temperature controller ready to display water temperature or room temperature.
Nov 5
Type: Offered; Company: S&A; Country: China;   map  
  S&A water chiller CWUL-10 is characterized by the cooling capacity of 800W and the temperature stability of±0.3℃. It has two temperature control modes, including constant temperature control mode and intelligent temperature control mode. Under intelligent mode, the water temperature can automatically adjust itself according to the room temperature (the water temperature is generally 2℃ lower than the room temperature), which greatly avoids the generation of condensed water.
Nov 5
Type: Offered; Company: S&A; Country: China;   map  
  Characterized by the cooling capacity of 800W and temperature control accuracy of ±0.3℃, S&A industrial chiller CW-5000 can bring down the temperature of the equipment very efficiently, greatly improve the working life and ensure the stable performance of the equipment. CONTACT S&A SKYPE: teyuchiller ; Email:marketing@teyu.com.cn; Website: https://www.teyuchiller.com
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