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Hondo Jet Boat

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 ID#: 54735   Date posted: June 16, 2016;   Expire date: June 15, 2017            
World region:
Dhaka Division  
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Brief Description:
1973 Hondo jet boat with a brand new rebuilt bbc 454 chevy mark 4. This boat is 95 percent complete it needs a few small things, Gas cap, needs a dipstick, water injection plumbing for the headers. It has one 8 gallon tank, another one wouldn't be a bad idea. I have taken it out on the lake and it ran like a champ, I will continue to use it until it sells. The trailer is in decent shape it probably needs tires but I still tow it around just fine has a surge brake that doesn't work. I believe it has a jacuzzi wj pump. I have a load of time and money into this boat and motor, 4400 is below cost. - See more at: /hondo-jet-boat58027105/3897/head_cat /vehicles#sthash.SEIftHHl.dpuf $4400  
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