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Mar 19
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $11,000.00; Company: pvrinfotech;    
  We are offering a Job opportunity where you can earn unlimited home using your computer and the Internet – part-time or full-time. Qualifications required are Typing on the Computer only. You can even work from a Cyber Cafe or your office PC. Working part time for 2-3 hours daily can easily fetch you $1500 per month. Online jobs, Part time jobs, Work at home jobs. Anyone can apply. For more details Contact : 9842196840 website :
Mar 17
Type: Job Offered; Country: India; City: Chandigarh;   map  
  Chandigarh is the main hub of education and here hundred of insititute are available for NDA Coaching but Statesman Academy is the best coaching institute in Chandigarh. We are the top ranked institutes for NDA Coaching in Chandigarh. Our well qualified teachers provide top level education for students. We also provide feree demo classes you can join.
Mar 16
Type: Job Offered; Country: India; City: Chandigarh;   map  
  The above career opportunities belong to the traditional spheres of employment in healthcare sectors. The pharmaceutical industries have changed over the years. New field of activities like contract research, clinical trials, newer drug delivery systems, new drug development etc. have emerged. The corresponding demands for higher qualifications like postgraduates in Pharmacy in different disciplines and doctorate degree have increased.
Mar 15
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $11,000.00; Company: pvrinfotech;    
  We assure Guaranteed Income. No special skill required. You can utilize your Internet connection to make money while working from Home or work place. You can make huge amount of Money from your computer. Fire your Boss today. Real Online Ad Posting Job. Have you ever earned from the Internet. No Special Qualification required. Contact : 8643031984 Website
Mar 14
Type: Job Offered;    
  It is the college-going students that are our target audience. The advantage of Study India is that it is of use to any and every college-going Indian.
Mar 14
Type: Job Offered; Company: Mentors Inn; Country: India; City: Hyderabad;   map  
  Qlikview Trainer Available QlikView Basics Making Queries in QlikView, Handling Sheets & Sheet Objects,List Boxes & Statistics Boxes,Pivot Tables & Straight Tables& Providing Online training on Qlikview Latest Version from Hyderabad.Mumbai.Chennai,Pune And Ahmedabad India Trainer Information 9+ years of career expertise on Business Intelligence tools 8 years of Individual and Private training Experience Trained more learners around the globe Expertise in QlikView v10, v11, v11.2 from vario
Mar 13
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $11,000.00; Company: pvrinfotech;    
  Online Ad Posters Required. Earn Rs.1000/- or $20 per day. Minimum Payout just Rs.500/-. Work at your own spare time and Get Paid every 7 days. Your earning Potential is absolutely unlimited. Contact : 9688519626 Website:
Mar 11
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $11,000.00; Company: pvrinfotech;    
  Part Time Online Data Entry Job. Earn unlimited money from home. People interested to work from home can either working part-time or full time can join. It is good opportunity for those, who wants to earn additional income, can make $2000-$5000 of extra !!!. Your part-time work can provide you full time living or more. Just type few words, entering data on computer. Totally home based. Contact : 9095795042 website :
Mar 10
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $11,000.00; Company: pvrinfotech;    
  Great Work at Home Opportunity This is genuine Internet job. If you are looking for a real online job then the Solution is here. Earn real money working on the Internet. Utilize your Internet connection by making money online. Work from Home. No skill required. Simple typing work available. For more details Contact : 9842196840 website :
Mar 10
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $11,000.00; Company: pvrinfotech;    
  How to make money fast, it’s easy & simple. If you are looking to make money fast then join with us immediately. 100% safe & secure way to make money. Tools and Tutorials are provided by us. unlimited Earning Potential For more details Contact : 8643031984 Website
Mar 7
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $15,000.00; Company: Falgee Software development pv; Country: Christmas Island; City: Flying Fish Cove;   map  
  In Falgee , we create android applications which is of best quality in a professional way.The Products we develop are highly innovative and creative. The work culture here will make you get trained and get practical knowledge of android ecosystem. Falgee also provides the free internship for the selected candidates , the job will be offered in the Falgee. The industry experiences will lead you in the Falgee , once you became the member in the Falgee.
Mar 6
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $1,000.00; Company: Statesman Academy ; Country: India; City: Chandigarh;   map  
  Statesman have extremely qualified and experience trainers from various colleges. Our staff always ready to fulfill the honest to need of any student as indicated by the examination syllabus. Statesman Acadmey prepare students for CDS Coaching In Chandigarh. They provides regular classes, study material to the student.
Mar 6
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $11,000.00; Company: pvrinfotech;    
  We offer you an income opportunity to work with us to achieve the kind of income you want and the kind of lifestyle you want to live. Tutorials and tools are provided by us. Anyone such as Students, Employed (without sacrificing their current occupation / looking for extra income), Unemployed, Housewives, Retired people can join. Contact : 9688519626 Website:
Mar 4
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $11,000.00; Company: pvrinfotech;    
  Working at home has been a dream of many that goes back many years. Staying at home and enjoying watching the kids grow up is a goal worth fighting for. Let's take a look into making a living or part time living from the comfort of your home. You owe it to yourself to gain the freedom a home business can offer. Contact : 9842196840 website :
Mar 3
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $11,000.00; Company: pvrinfotech;    
  Still not earning from Internet ?. Don’t worry! We show you the way to earn Real Internet Money. You can Earn Rs.300 – 600 for each and every successful Assignment. No Earning Limitation. Payment Guaranteed. Contact : 8643031984 Website
Mar 3
Type: Job Offered; Company: Mentors Inn; Country: India; City: Hyderabad;    
  Online Best Tableau Courses Trainings In India Course Name : Tableau Duration : 35 hours Faculty : Realtime experience Training Introduction and Overview,Getting Started,Concepts and Options when Connecting to Data,Analysis,Creating Views, Analyzing,Getting Started with Calculated Fields,Formatting,Working with Data,Building Interactive Dashboards, Sharing Workbooks,Putting it all togeth
Mar 2
Type: Job Offered; Company: Continued-learning; Country: India;   map  
  AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly. Angular's data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write. And it all happens within the browser, making it an ideal partner with any server technology. Demand for the Skill: The popularity of AngularJS pretty much gives a clear picture about th
Mar 1
Type: Job Offered; Company: veritas Career Solutions; Country: India; City: Mohali;   map  
  If you are also planning to expand yourself in the field of Pharmaceuticals and clinical research. Then join hands with Veritas Career Solutions for the first rate Clinical Research and Pharmaceuticals programs. Apart from the programs, The Veritas Career Solution Pvt. Ltd. also provides placements in the field of Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Research.
Feb 29
Type: Job Offered; Company: INSIDE MIND; Country: Australia; City: Perth;   map  
  An emotional intelligent way to understand emotions, thoughts and anxiety for women. This is the Non-Fluff Emotional Stuff, full of videos, worksheets & inspiration.
Feb 28
Type: Job Offered; Salary: $12,000.00;    
  Are you looking for online work? Are you looking for home based work? Basic Internet Knowledge is enough, Tools and Video tutorials are available. Anyone looking to earn extra Income at home can join. For more details Contact : 9095795042 website :
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